Strawberry, Illustrator

Strawberry - Illustrator

3D Modeled Microphone, Autodesk Maya

Microphone -  3D model, Autodesk Maya

CD Cover, Illustrator

My Way CD Cover - Illustrator

Duplicate Photo Manipulation, Photoshop

Duplicate Photo Manipulation - Photoshop

Birthday Invitation - Illustrator

Smartphone - Illustrator

Deconstructed Cupcake Study - Illustrator, Photoshop

Lemon Composition Study - Illustrator, Photoshop

4Loko Parody Label Design - Illustrator

Concert Announcement Poster - Illustrator, Photoshop

Youtube Series Thumbnail (Part 1) - Illustrator, Photoshop

Youtube Series Thumbnail (Part 2) - Illustrator, Photoshop

Haunted House Advert - Illustrator

Movie Monster Typography - Photoshop

Currency Mock-up, Photoshop

Cupcake Truck Wrap, Illustrator (Truck framework by instructor Mike Hamm)

Digital reproduction, color study of “Nu Devant La Cheminée” by Balthus - Photoshop

Moby Dick Book Cover - Illustrator

Live Laugh Lawyer Poster - Illustrator

Chillicothe City Logo Redesign (Course Project) - Illustrator

Animal Crossing In-Game Snapshots vs Parody Screens - Illustrator, Photoshop 

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