Motion Graphics and Editing Reel 2020

Testimonial Promo for Sarah Walton - Editing and Graphics

"Hands and Pans" Style Instructional Video  (Production and Editing)

Compilation Parody (Compositing, Editing, and Graphics)  

Addl footage courtesy of

Samples of Social Media Intros, Outros, and Transitions (Editing and Graphics)

Student Film Documentary (Production, Editing, and Graphics)  

Addl footage courtesy of

Live Event Promo for Momocon in ATL, GA. (Editing and Graphics)

Footage curated by Momocon Staff 

Student Capstone Video Project (Editing, Graphics, 3D modeling) 

Video footage courtesy of

Social Media Promo for Live Stream Competition (Editing and Graphics)

In-Game Footage Captured by ShadyInan

Parody Short (Production and Editing)

Addl video footage courtesy of

Typography Lyric Animation (Graphics)

Artwork from Library of Congress

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